About Us


Mission Statement

It is our purpose at Learning Tree to make every child successful aiding each child in the pursuit of excellence—to include qualities of self-worth, confidence, motivation, respect, empathy, caring and compassion, sharing and cooperative play, resolution to conflicts and problem solving, good communication, tolerance of others differences & age appropriate independence.

Philosophy: The Growth of a Child

I have had many children in my care over many years. Watching children grow gives me great joy. It’s the joy that comes through hard work, much patience, understanding a child’s mind, and lots of unconditional love. A child is but a ball of clay that forms into what it most wants to become. It will not become what we want alone, but it will become what we work together to make it become.

We feed and clothe our children. We put them to bed and say, “I love you.” We do the tasks that need to be done. Learning Tree believes the growth of a child goes beyond that. It comes from knowing the child. Talking, watching and doing with the child helps us understand the child as an individual. While one child may be a “rock” to corrective words and discipline, another child may be extremely sensitive to it. Each child needs to be instructed, but the instruction may need to come in different ways. The child needs to accept correction so it becomes constructive and empowers the child’s self-esteem.

I have heard it said that “play is work for children.” That is so true! Have you ever observed a child concentrating hard on building his tower of blocks? Those blocks have to stack so as not to fall and at the same time create space for all the cars the child plans to house in his creation! Technique, balance, and simple mathematics come into play. Then, just as the tower is finished, another child comes to play without having done the building. Now, the child needs to share his space. Do we expect him to share something he has poured his heart and soul into? Yes, of course. Very gently we explain what a wonderful piece of work he has created and how wonderful it would be to allow someone to experience playing with this beautiful tower. Maybe the child could tell us how the tower works. Then play becomes work all over again. It’s work that can be accomplished, however. Time and time again as this challenge is repeated, the child learns to make his play work for him. Getting a sense of how difficult it can be to play for a young child?

The program at Learning Tree will aid your child in developing physical coordination, learn to follow simple and reasonable directions, learn to share, learn to tell about his experiences, learn to appreciate books and experience them, learn that letters make up words and that words convey meaning, always expanding his attention span. Your child will be introduced to self-expression through music, singing, speaking and dance, as well as through art, dramatization, and creative play. Albert Einstein maintained that, “imagination is more important that knowledge.”

We shall help stimulate the inquiring mind of the child and encourage creativity. Once excited to learn, the learning begins. The growth of a child is made not only of the intellectual but of the moral. Learning Tree will help your child learn the importance of self-discipline, self-esteem, proper etiquette and manners, and consideration and respect for others. Learning Tree shall strive to allow the child to develop all his abilities: mental, social, physical, and emotional.