All About Child Enrollment at Learning Tree Preschool


Tuition (subject to increase yearly)
Tuition can be paid in full for the year or monthly. Tuition reflects monthly fees over a 10-month period.

  • 3 year olds
  • 4 & 5 year olds (3 days)
  • 4 & 5 year olds (4 days)

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Field Trips
A small fee to cover yearly field trips is paid up front in September with tuition payment.

T-shirts must be purchased and worn to off-campus field trips. There is a small purchase fee.


For registration information and all of our required enrollment forms (registration, child information, emergency contacts, and medical), please visit our Forms page »


Get Together
A time to gather prior to the school year in September is provided for the students to familiarize themselves with classmates and the school environment.

Everyday all Learning Tree Preschool students must have a:
Extra Clothes

Other Information

LT staff are non-smokers and trained in CPR and 1st aid and attend educational training that would benefit our work with your child. Learning Tree Preschool believes that parents and family are the most important people in a young child’s life. Please feel comfortable to speak to us regarding any matters that affect your child’s well being. Personal issues will be kept in confidence.