Educational Programs for 3-Year Olds


Students must be 3 by October 15 of the entrance year. Potty training is suggested. ‘Early enrollment’ acceptance is offered to children who turn 3 by the end of December.

1 session available on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Morning session 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Daily Schedule
Indoor Free Play
Circle Time: includes songs, games, conversation, movement activities
Story Time/Learning Activity
Table Activity/Arts and Crafts
Outdoor Free Play/DISMISSAL/Pick up

The curriculum includes activities that enrich the child’s learning and growth in areas of social, social/communication, fine and gross motor, cognitive, and emotional skills. The greatest emphasis is on social skills.

Perhaps the greatest skill a three year old can master is that of social development.

  • Learning to play with peers cooperatively
  • Joining in play already in progress in a fair manner
  • Initiating play and inviting others to join
  • Demonstrating imagination through songs, games, drama
  • Participating in small and large group activities
  • Building endurance and patience; taking turns (raising hand)
  • Knowing the proper use of manners and using them appropriately
  • Taking responsibility of chores/taking care of belongings
  • Showing respect for toys, peers and adult authority
  • Expressing feelings appropriately; controls emotions
  • Making transitions with ease (from one activity to another)
  • Using the bathroom independently (toilet and washing)